maquinas de recarga de moviles iolebox

Cell phone charging station kiosk for sale, iOlebox

Do not have battery on your mobile?, have you been without Internet?. IOlebox,the app helps you with these problems every day.

The pace of life we live and the society in which we are reverse. It forces us to be in constant and perfect contact with others via mobile or tablet. There is nothing that bothers more to stay on the street without battery. Today, many owners of Smartphone and tablets carrying the charger everywhere to plug into an outlecell phone charging station kiosk for salet. And what if you’ve spent all megs and you have to find a bar with wifi which always has a slow connection.

iOlebox, The new machine is a system that generates battery for your mobile and fast wireless network with secure connection. Did you know it?.

Through its mobile app helps you find the location of cell phone charging station kiosk for sale and Wi-Fi Station closer when you’re away from home. Taking advantage of GPS technology through Google, you have this option so easy and comfortable to be always connected. Intelligent alerts.With the intelligent warnings option, your phone automatically alerts you to nearby places to recharge the battery when you get to the red hot.With iOlebox machine, the company vending, Olevending has created an innovative idea in the market and help the complex processes easier. It operates with minimum costs but generates profits grow exponentially.

cell phone charging station kiosk for sale

If you want to know more about this business track record of over 25 years of existence Olevending. We invite you to visit our website: If you’re a restaurant, gym, bar … and want to install a machine iOlebox, call the phone number 985 264 644.It is a profitable business for investors. The business owner takes advantage of all the benefits of the machine.
In addition, this machine offers different premises that installed a modern and technological environment .A day, this service generates customer security and tranquility in your home. The degree of enterprise satisfaction is assured.
We note that there are many bars, restaurants, shopping centers, kiosks, hairdresser, study centers, gyms, already have this machine is its local and enjoy it.

Madrid, Oviedo, Gijon, Tenerife, Galicia, Barcelona … There are more than 55 machines iOlebox throughout Spain. Find the nearest and recharge your mobile!. You can also get the latest news from iOleboX in our social networking profiles, Facebook and Twitter. Do not stay isolated. Be different. Enter  and discover the technological revolution.




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